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Daily quests

Please find below some facts about the daily quests:

  • 10 different types of tasks, ranging from pretty easy to challenging, which players can do every day to get different rewards. The more points you collect from daily tasks the more attractive prizes you get!
  • They are reset once a day at the time that your game world started.  (The reset time shows on the Daily Quest pop up page and is based on server time).  This counts for the rewards as well as the points you collected until the reset time. This means that you can collect the rewards again, but also that you have to gain the points again.
  • You need to actively collect the rewards BEFORE the daily quests get reset. Otherwise they will be lost after the reset.
  • You can collect a reward for each "level" (25, 50, 75 and 100 points). This means you can get up to 4 rewards per day. See below for details on rewards.
  • Please note that the Plus account or bonus production rewards get automatically activated at the moment you accept the reward.
  • The daily quest rewards are not affected by the server speed.
  • Hint: You need to put 20 infantry or cavalry into the training loop in one go as 20 separately trained units won't fulfil the requirements of the respective daily quest.

Rewards for daily quests

Once a day there is a reset that also changes what rewards are available. You can get one reward from each group, so up to 4 rewards daily.

25 points 50 points 75 points 100 points
+200 resources of each type +1 day PLUS Account +5 ointments +400 culture points
+50 hero experience +1 day +25% lumber production +5 tablet of law +20.000 resources of one random type
+50 culture points +1 day +25% clay production +5 small bandages +400 hero experience
+1.000 resources of one random type +1 day +25% iron production +5 cages +4.000 resources of each type
repeat from the top
+1 day +25% crop production +1 additional adventure repeat from the top
  repeat from the top repeat from the top  

The rewards are not selected randomly. Instead, they are always the same for all players on the specific gameworld.You can always see what reward is currently available by moving mouse on the reward icon in game.

After the daily reset, the next reward in each group becomes available. Once it reaches the last one, the next one will be again the first on the list. It doesn't matter if you manage to get a reward on a specific day or not, it will always change with reset. The order in which rewards changes is always the same.

Gameworld starts at 09 AM and reset is at 9AM.
- until 9AM, players can get +200 resources of each type for 25 points
- afterwards, until 9AM the next day, players can get +50 hero experience for 25 points.

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