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How can I free troops which have been caught in enemy traps?
Use a normal attack against the village holding the captives. As long as you send enough troops to fill the remaining traps and destroy possible defences your troops will be freed.

Can I cancel an attack?
Yes but only 90 seconds after it was sent.

What is the percentage for each improvement at the smithy?
The upgrade in the smithy depends on the upkeep of the respective troop: as more crop the troop consumes as higher the improvement effect is. Therefore an concrete percentage cannot be given.

What happens when I change the capital?
If you change your capital, the prior capital village will lose all resource field upgrades above level 10 and the stonemason's lodge will be destroyed. Furthermore the great barracks and great stable will be lost if they are in the new capital village. Beware: There is no way to undo the capital changing!

Can I destroy one of my buildings?
Yes. See "demolish building" under main building.

How can I build another cranny?
You must upgrade your first cranny to level 10.

How does starvation work?
1. Foreign defence starves first at all times. Afterwards your own troops will starve in the following order: troops from other villages owned by oneself, troops from the same village and finally troops from the same village who are afoot.
2. The troop type of which there is the most will be selected for starvation first until there is an equal amount of 2 or more troop types. When this happens, they starve from left to right.
3. Basically there is no difference between heroes, senators and legionaries. However, the routine scans the troops from left to right and usually there are more ordinary troops than special ones present. The own hero, of which one can have only one, starves last due to these reasons. Keep in mind though that foreign senators, chiefs and chieftains as well as heroes starve even before the own ordinary troops do.

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